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Vincent Joseph “Vinnie” Gentile (born January 3, 1959) is the Council member for the 43rd District of the New York City Council. The district includes Bath Beach, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. He is a Democrat. Currently, Gentile chairs the Oversight and Investigation Committee and serves on the Consumer Affairs, Economic Development, Education, Land Use and Public Safety Committees.

Gentile's Stance

Giving People Hope: Track Record & Vision

Making low-level first offenses civil, not criminal:

In 2016 the New York City Council passed the Criminal Justice Reform Act, a series of laws that were passed to counter the growing number of criminal summonses that were issued for petty crimes such as open containers, trespassing in parks after hours, littering and loitering.

Expand Community Based Sanctions

Community Based Sanctions applies an alternative sentencing approach to criminal cases involving non-violent behavior.

Right to Know Act

Councilmember Vincent Gentile knows that interactions between police and the public can at times be tense. Yet he knows that “CPR”- Civility, professionalism and respect is always the best policy.

Community based outreach

Prior to Ken Thompson, the Brooklyn DA’s office had a checkered past that often times neglected to inspire the people of Brooklyn and give them the hope they deserve. As District Attorney, Vincent Gentile believes we need to take a different more thoughtful approach to the DA’s office, and empower it to become a vehicle of hope.

Vincent Gentile: Continuing Thompson’s Legacy

Fortify the Conviction Review Unit

Like the late District Attorney Ken Thompson, Vincent knows that the worst rap against a District Attorney’s office is to wrongfully convict innocent people and send them to prison.

Enhance the Begin Again Program

In Brooklyn, there are over 250,000 open warrants, accumulating at an increasing rate every year. In response Ken Thompson created the Begin Again program that helps more than a quarter-million Brooklyn residents erase outstanding warrants or minor offenses.

Tough on Guns and stronger prosecution of gun traffickers

Ken Thompson spent a vast amount of the DA’s resources to target gun rings in Brooklyn and gun traffickers that bring out of state firearms to Brooklyn. Thompson spoke publicly about the need to pursue arms dealers, but also of the need for state and federal laws that criminalize gun traffickers.

A New Way for a Better, Safer Brooklyn

Launch “Employment Drives” to create opportunity and divert youngsters from the criminal justice system

Vincent believes that the office of District Attorney is a powerful platform by which to encourage and promote businesses to create and offer employment in key areas of the borough.

Reorganize the Elder Abuse Unit and Create Elder Fraud Abuse Outreach campaign

The Elder Abuse Unit was created by Ken Thompson to investigate cases of spousal or parental abuse involving adults over 60 years old. Although the Elder Abuse Unit prioritizes acts or threats of physical violence to seniors, Vincent Gentile believes it has too limited of a scope and is ultimately underfunded.

Advocate for Bail Reform

As District Attorney and former state legislator, Vincent would be in a prime strategic position to advocate for bail reform legislation.

Create the Major Case Narcotics Investigations Bureau

The best way to reduce and keep narcotics out of our neighborhoods is to intercept the drugs before they hit the streets of Brooklyn.

Focus more resources on stemming human trafficking

Another kind of trafficking Vincent will target is the human trafficking happening primarily among young families in the nail, body spa, and sex trade industries. Many of these women are victims and must be seen as such.

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