A New Way for a Better, Safer Brooklyn

1. Launch “Employment Drives” to create opportunity and divert youngsters from the criminal justice system

Vincent believes that the office of District Attorney is a powerful platform by which to encourage and promote businesses to create and offer employment in key areas of the borough. Moreover, as DA, Vincent will support and encourage programs that train and promote employment skills for Brooklynites. In these ways, the DA can contribute to creating positive career pathways for many and can divert them from criminal behavior and ultimately away from prison.


The Elder Abuse Unit was created by Ken Thompson to investigate cases of spousal or parental abuse involving adults over 60 years old. Although the Elder Abuse Unit prioritizes acts or threats of physical violence to seniors, Vincent Gentile believes it has too limited of a scope and is ultimately underfunded.

As District Attorney, Vincent Gentile would broaden the scope of the Elder Abuse Unit by:

  1. Reorganizing the unit into the Elder Fraud Prevention and Abuse Bureau
  2. Focus on financial crimes and scams as well as abuse against seniors
  3. Expand the jurisdiction of the unit to educate and protect seniors from financial crimes
  4. Gather a broad-based databank of seniors with email address to send alerts to seniors regarding nearby criminal activity and fraud alerts to warn seniors of latest fraud attempts that are targeting them. Connect with senior centers throughout Brooklyn to reach those without emails.

3. Advocate for Bail Reform

As District Attorney and former state legislator, Vincent would be in a prime strategic position to advocate for bail reform legislation. Specifically judges setting bail should be permitted by law to weigh the threat a defendant poses to the public as a factor in setting bail. At the same time, Vincent Gentile supports efforts to provide judges the financial status of a defendant when setting bail and to use that information to better evaluate the setting of bail and its amount.

4. Create the Major Case Narcotics Investigations Bureau

The best way to reduce and keep narcotics out of our neighborhoods is to intercept the drugs before they hit the streets of Brooklyn. The way to accomplish this is through the creation of the Major Case Narcotics Investigation Bureau that will do high level large-scale investigations into the narcotics trafficking in the borough.

5. Focus more resources on stemming human trafficking

Another kind of trafficking Vincent will target is the human trafficking happening primarily among young families in the nail, body spa, and sex trade industries. Many of these women are victims and must be seen as such. The DA’s job is to help them and uncover, prosecute and purge the profit purveyors of this crime.