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Albert's test prep courses offer 70,000+ rigorous, aligned questions written in the style of the AP, SAT, and ACT exams. Students will gain exposure to engaging and rigorous content, master critical thinking skills, and clarify common misconceptions using our detailed explanations.

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AP Calculus AB Score Calculator

AP Calculus AB can be a tough exam. Are you looking for an AP Calculus AB score calculator? You’ve found the right place. See how you would do on the AP Calculus AB exam by using our interactive

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AP English Literature Score Calculator

Are you prepared to score a 5 in AP English Literature? Not quite sure? Our score calculator can help you with that. You can use this interactive AP score calculator to simulate how well you need to

AP English Language Score Calculator

Are you looking for an AP English Language score calculator? Look no further. Learn how you would do on AP English Language by using the interactive tool below. Need extra help in preparing for AP English

AP US History Score Calculator

Looking for an AP US History score calculator? Look no further. See how you would do on AP US History by running a simulation below.  Need extra help in preparing for AP US History? Check out our AP US

Isolated and Mixed Practice: You Need Both for Standards-Based Teaching

Consult a curriculum map. Check school calendar to account for professional development days, holidays, early-releases, late-starts, or standardized testing days and determine when to teach each st

Tips from Albert-Certified Teachers

This holiday season we are grateful for all of our Albert Level 1 Certified Teachers! There are currently over 250 certified teachers working in schools all across the country.

Albert-Certified Teachers Drive Student Results

This November we are spotlighting Ms. Kama Smith, a teacher at Tupelo High School in Tupelo, Mississippi. The school is a two-time National Blue Ribbon School and offers a whopping 24 AP courses.

Albert Pilot License: How One Teacher is Already Hooked

For this week’s Albert teacher spotlight, we chatted with Patrick Skuba. Patrick teaches AP Language and Composition at Liberty High School in Bakersfield, California. It is part of the Kern High

How Albert Can Help Teachers New to the AP Program

We recently chatted with Stephanie Stone who is an AP Environmental Science teacher in Maryland. While she’s taught science for 20+ years, she just recently started teaching an AP class.  Sh

Albert Teacher Spotlight: Stephanie Stone

For this week’s Albert teacher spotlight, we chatted with Stephanie Stone, an AP Environmental Science Teacher at Chopticon High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Stephanie has taught for

Quick Guide to Using Albert to Supplement Class Discussions

We recently talked with superstar teacher Brad Clarke about his use of Albert in a discussion-centered classroom.  We were so inspired, we created a guide to help you do the same!

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Albert Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Brad Clarke

To kick off our new Albert teacher spotlight series, we chatted with Dr. Brad Clarke. Dr. Clarke teaches at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. Known lovingly by his students as “DC,” he us

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