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Albert's test prep courses offer 70,000+ rigorous, aligned questions written in the style of the AP, SAT, and ACT exams. Students will gain exposure to engaging and rigorous content, master critical thinking skills, and clarify common misconceptions using our detailed explanations.

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Albert launches Differentiated Foundations and NGSS Engage

The team at Albert is excited to announce the launch of our new Foundations and NGSS Engage products. These products represent Albert’s expansion into general education products beyond our traditional

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Graduation, Retention, and Other Benefits of Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement

Exposure to college courses at a high school level through programs such as Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment are helping students to increase their chance of enrolling in and maintaining their postsecondary

How to Teach a Student-Focused Flipped Classroom with Albert

Even the most seasoned educator occasionally falls into a rut with their curriculum. If the old syllabus isn’t hitting new district goals, or if you’re just looking to make teaching interesting again,

What Makes a Good Exit Ticket

Project based learning is an experiential approach to education. A good PBL program is student-centric and allows learners the freedom to explore their interests and learning styles alongside core

How to Build Effective Exit Tickets to Promote Reflection with Albert

As institutions increasingly adopt project based learning (PBL) into their curriculums, understanding its key objectives is a must. Project based learning objectives are achieved through an experie

Albert Index: Top Education Blogs of 2017

Calling all educators, administrators, involved parents, tech experts and librarians – find the blogs most relevant to you and your classroom needs. We’ve gathered all of our top Albert Index c

Albert Index: Top Blogs for Teacher Resources

Find the blogs most relevant to you and your classroom needs. We’ve gathered all of our top Albert Index category lists into one comprehensive resource.

Headed to the 2017 AP Annual Conference? Meet Us There and Win Big!

In a few short weeks, the Albert School Success team will pack their bags and head to D.C. for the AP Annual Conference from the 26th through 30th. If you’re planning to attend, you’ll definitely

Albert Index: Top EdTech Blogs

The world of EdTech is large and complex. From Google Classroom to Virtual Reality, flipped classrooms, Youtube, and research about hundreds of apps, it can be hard for teachers to know where to start.

How Long is the ACT?

The ACT is meant to measure the knowledge you gained in high school to determine your “academic readiness” for a university. While overall the ACT experience is between 4 and 5 hours, the actua

Albert Index: Top Blogs for School Administrators

When you’re a leader in the education space, so many people depend on your ideas, expertise, and direction. With so many different voices out there, it’s hard to know which ones to follow. That’s

Group Activities

Group Assignment Corrections Activity Description: Group assignment corrections allow students to collaboratively tackle concepts that they struggled with on previous assignments. Through completing

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